Loft and roofing

Your roof is constructed in one of two ways (dependent on your plot) either A. a standard pitched roof or B. a pitched roof where the roof is also the ceiling. Please note: Plots 14 upwards may feature both roof types.

  1. Natural stone slate laid over a waterproof, breathable membrane keeping your home watertight. Breathable felt in loft space to reduce condensation and damp and fibreglass insulation installed just above ceiling level.

  2. Natural stone slate laid over a waterproof, breathable membrane keeping your home watertight. 50mm continuous airgap below the felt to prevent condensation issues. Rigid insulation fitted between timber with an insulated plasterboard to the underside.

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My roof is leaking

There are some signs to look out for that could indicate a problem with your roof:


Inside your home:

* Dark spots on you ceiling

* Sagging on your ceiling

* Patches of discolouration on your ceiling


Outside your home:

*  Missing, warped, rotting, peeling, broken, blistering, or buckling roof tiles

* Damp marks on external walls

Commonly a leak in the vicinity of your roof can be caused by ineffective drainage from your guttering. If there appears to be excess water running down from your roof directly onto the ground below or down the exterior walls of your property it may be that your guttering is blocked and therefore not able to direct excess water appropriately.

Regular clearance of your guttering should be part of your routine home maintenance, especially focussed through Autumn/Winter.

Any signs of a leak should be dealt with immediately to prevent any resulting damage from worsening.

If you are within your two year warranty period please contact Customer Care.

Please note: If the damage to your roof is a result of extreme weather conditions any damage caused should be covered under your home insurance.

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Is my loft insulated?

All our lofts and roof spaces are insulated with fibreglass insulation with a minimum thickness of 330mm.

Can I use my loft for storage?

Yorkshire Country Properties offers an optional upgrade of loft boarding prior to completion for all our customers.

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