The house of tomorrow, today

What is a home? A place of comfort and security. Somewhere families make memories. A place of retreat at the end of a long day. But in 2020 our homes have become so much more than that, doubling as our office, nurseries, schools and gyms.

Subsequently, the calm once associated with arriving home after a hard day’s work has disappeared, and as such, our priorities have shifted when it comes to buying property.

Deal-breakers once included off-street parking and proximity to local shops, restaurants and leisure facilities, but more recently a survey by Ipsos MORI, the pollster, found almost half (49%) of people said a fast, reliable internet connection and being near green spaces have become more important to their choice of home since the pandemic started.

New priorities

The pandemic has led to a significant increase in home working, and for many, the practice is here to stay. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to have a place to unwind after work, and this is why so many have struggled with home-working arrangements. When dining tables, kitchen counters and bedroom corners are turned into makeshift offices, there’s no physical separation between home and office. Consequently, it’s much harder to switch off.

The importance of a dedicated workspace might explain the increased demand for properties with three or more bedrooms. It certainly explains why, according to John Lewis, bunk bed sales have increased by 60% over lockdown, as parents have taken to turning their children's bedrooms into offices.

But ‘green space’ has also climbed up the priority list for property buyers.

According to a survey of 2,000 people by American Express, Brits have spent £3.7bn on gardening since the start of lockdown, meaning UK adults have spent an average of £105 each transforming their gardens since 23 March.

Gardening is thought to help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety which, along with the physical health benefits, have arguably never been more important.

Homes for the new normal

At Yorkshire Country Properties we offer homes that are fully customisable and can be designed around the unique needs and lifestyle of your family. You can have a home office, that dedicated space to concentrate from nine to five, then close the door on when your working day ends. A gym, to get your day off to an energetic start. A home cinema for quality family time. Even a home classroom to give the kids their own separate workspace.

What’s more, all YCP homes are fully equipped for high speed broadband connectivity, so you can be confident the Wi-Fi will never let you down.

Our developments boast beautiful private gardens and are set in the idyllic Yorkshire countryside, where fresh air and open spaces are right on your doorstep.

It seems clear that many of the homes we spend so much time in are simply not suited to the ‘new normal’. The house of the future will have to be more than just a home. It will have to be a flexible, multi-functional space where its occupants can live, work, learn and relax.

At Yorkshire Country Properties we can build you the house of tomorrow, today.

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